Experience A Tonal Game-Changer

BoB [The Original] Swappable Preamp System 

revolutionizes the way we think about on-board preamps. This exciting advancement gives players the ability to change the voice of their instrument as often as they like. Simply remove three screws, swap out and swap in. Easily dial in another tone in between live sets, in the studio, or anywhere you play music. For professionals or hobbyists alike, this swappable preamp system takes tonal versatility to the next level.

A true passive module comes standard with every JXB-USA bass. Then build your collection with Bartolini, Dark Glass, John East, Aguilar, and Nordstrand. And enjoy the benefits of this tonal game-changer wherever you play next.


True Passive


Aguilar (Active)

BOB Active-Bartolini

Bartolini (Active)


Darkglass (Active)

Active-John East

John East (Active)

BOB PreAmp-Pod Nordstrand

Nordstrand (Active)