KXB Series

The KXB Series Bass pulls out all the stops! Outstanding design, elegant craftsmanship and sexy, true, tonal characteristics, the KXB Series is the way to go when you’re trying to be seen and heard!

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NBS Series

The Brubaker NBS Series bass is designed for the bassist who demands nothing but the best when it comes to tone and playability. Its sleek, ergonomic features and high-tech electronics make it one of the most sought after basses in the industry.

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JXB Series

The JXB Series bass proudly consists of the same features that have made Brubaker basses and guitars a mainstay in the music and recording industry. With over 27 years of experience, Brubaker creates the next wave of a classic line that has become the industry standard.

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JXB Standard

The JXB Standard bass is a suitable alternative to the JXB full-custom. With the same classic lines and signature bolt-thru technology, this bass lives up to the Brubaker name. Familiar playability and tonal characteristics, without the custom add-ons.

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Take your KXB, NBS or JXB to the next level by making it Xtreme. Brubaker Xtreme basses pull out all the stops. Choose from quilted maple, buckeye burl, burl maple, spalted maple or flame maple top wood to cover the body, headstock and fingerboard. Plus, add more options to get it just the way you want it, Xtreme!

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The Brute Series MJXSC is a unique member of the Brubaker bass family. Its proud shape and high-end electronics represents all of the artistic ingenuity that's expected in today's bass instruments. Brilliant in tone and strikingly beautiful in appearance.

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Brute MJX

The Brute Series MJX is an incredibly well-crafted and equipped bass. Available in 4 and 5 string models, they offer many of the features of Brubaker handcrafted basses. Get your hands on a Brute Series bass and unleash your musical power today.

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