We start with a specification sheet and begin the process of refinement and customization to develop a guitar that ultimately sounds as good as it looks. It is very labor intensive to make, but in the end, no matter what wood or pickup combinations are used, there is an underlying resonant tone about these instruments that is consistently the same.


All instruments start as rough slabs of wood and are painstakingly machined by hand, using templates and pin routers. It is a fairly accurate system but we still continually use the eyes to ensure everything is straight and symmetrical the entire way through the process. Many of our tools have been custom-made or modified to accomplish certain tasks accurately and efficiently (ie.-24 fret fingerboard slotting saw, fingerboard radius sander, custom neck router bits, etc.).


We feel there are a combination of things that make a Brubaker unique. The bolt-thru neck joint is a mix of a bolt-on and neck-thru technology, which has been a Brubaker staple – going back 20 some years. It is very labor intensive to make but is well worth the extra effort. We are also very selective about the quality and cure time of the wood that we use. This has a huge impact on the overall tone and longevity of a Brubaker instrument. Finally, our finishing and attention to detail far surpasses most others in the industry. We take the time to get things right the first time, so you can enjoy your instrument every time you pick it up!