The Company

Brubaker Musical Instruments

From its very conception in the early 90's, Brubaker Musical Instruments' primary goal was to create some of the most beautifully crafted, articulate guitars and basses in the world. While, at the same time, create an alliance with top dealers and build artist relations with top national players and working musicians alike.

We're charging full steam ahead with brand new ideas and innovations to change the way you think and feel about the way you play bass and guitar. With redefined lines and curves, upgraded features and options on all of our basses and guitars, along with the Brute Series bass and added accessories to compliment your instrument, Brubaker continues to ramp up the stakes in its quest to create some of the finest handmade instruments available. Brubaker basses and guitars have found themselves in just about every facet of today's music.

Players from all walks of the music industry have discovered that the rich, versatile tones of Brubaker guitars and basses were just the sound they've been searching for to convey their musical voices to the world!

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