Brute Series

The Brubaker Brute provides the ultimate round tone, craftsmanship & ferocity....incredible sustain, low-action & lightweight. The Brubaker delivers, and then some! It's "like playing with butter on a teflon pan in the vacuum of outer space"...it really allows the player to express themselves with subtle harmonic nuances or extreme growl & low-end. Brubaker Basses are the ultimate basses.


Brute MJX-5

This is by far the finest import bass I have ever owned, and my favorite instrument of the last 4 years. My lasting impression is that you’ll need to spend many multiple thousands of dollars to get a bass with better action, fretwork and playability out of the box.



I can say without doubt it is one of the most beautiful guitars I have seen. The quality of the wood and the attention to detail is really sublime. The finish is just astounding. The spalting is perfection and the matching reverse covers just lovely when the guitar is flipped over.



Hi Kevin, I wanted to let you know I did receive the bass, and it is really amazingly nice.. Like driving a Ferrari :000)