My bass looks and sounds awesome! I would do business with you again anytime, anyplace! You went above and beyond, and superseded yourselves!



Thank you so very much for the outstanding craftsmanship and hard work that went into building my Bass guitar (Miss Jean). I always wanted to have a custom made Bass guitar and it was well worth the wait! I am so pleased with the high quality of every aspect, the way It looks, feels and most importantly the sound. I truly appreciated you keeping the lines of communication open with me as things progressed and allowing me to be a part of the process.



I have never before in my life seen such well designed and crafted products, and such stellar service, under one roof. I am extremely happy to be a Brubaker customer. Kevin, you truly are the best!

Word Strickland


The Brubaker Chameleon is the most comfortable blend of sonic versatility, functionality, beauty, and ruggedness that makes it the perfect go-to instrument in any studio or live-performance situation. I have taken it to literally every gig and session that I get called for and it works in every situation. It is quite honestly, the PERFECT guitar.